Drilling Automation is Underway: high value insights from the industry roadmap – Jan 30, 2020 AADE Event Houston

I shared insights from the DSA Roadmap at the AADE event in Houston alongside outstanding speakers: David Rowatt, and Pradeep Annaiyappa. This was be a high value, exciting event for those interested in DSA and digital twins.

I was told “You brought a fresh and sharp perspective to the panel today!!”, others stated “extremely interesting” and ”well delivered presentation”. 

Drilling Automation is a fast-growing technology application that impacts all companies and all disciplines connected to well construction. Rising data demands are uncovering source data quality issues that also affect data analytics. Automation will not be an all or nothing proposition, humans will still perform roles in the automation loops according to the balance of sensor data quality, algorithm capability, operational uncertainty and human capacity. The value proposition of automated drilling is moving from time saved by drilling performance to increasing well productivity and reducing well operating costs. A multidiscipline approach to drilling systems automation (DSA) adoption focused on well bore results as well as drilling duration will yield greatest value. The future will evolve based on predetermineds (factors which are reasonably predictable) and uncertainties (factors where the outcome is fundamentally unknown). There is no single solution; there is room for everybody to learn how to participate. 

Link to presentation