Drilling Systems Automation is Here – Propagation, Pitfalls, Profits & Production

John de Wardt has delivered this SPE Distinguished Lecture across 3 continents using a virtual platform. The most recent to Africa and the Middle East was met with a large turnout (75 attendees) and very positive feedback. The SPE Regional Host from Cairo, Egypt sent the following message. You can view the presentation on Vimeo here.

“We would like to express our deep appreciation for your presentation last week,  we really enjoyed the technical topic and  we enjoyed your ability to present the subject in such interesting way.  
Many attendees sent their appreciation as well,  and I would like to quote some of their appreciation to you:

Mostafa B : thanks john for your precious and valuable presentation.
Nurudin N : Great presentation.
Lester I: Yes! I Agree, Excellent – off the charts presentation.
Haytham A : Thank you so much John for your interesting and valuable presentation! you added a lot to my information about this interesting topic.
Mahmoud El H : Thank you, all the rig supervisors are watching
Eiffel H T : thank you.

“Thank you again for giving us time from your busy schedule, and thanks to SPE, and hope to see you in another meeting.”