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Key Presentations by John de Wardt

Drilling Automation is Underway – insights from the industry roadmap [January 2020] This presentation focusses on 5 aspects of the roadmap – data quality, data flow, levels of automation, systems architecture and where next?

True Drilling Efficiency – lead, follow or get out of the way [June 2016] Super drillers on. opposite sides of the globe have achieved amazing performances as a result of crises. Lean Drilling™ offers a path to high performance without needing to endure a crisis. Maximum Theoretical Performance should be the real goal, not technical limit. Drilling performance can become competitive advantage.

The Driller in the Loop Dilemma [September 2014] The role of the driller in the loop has become part of the conversation on Drilling Systems Automation as advances are made to apply automation technology to drilling operations. A dilemma is defined as a problem offering two possibilities, neither of which is practically acceptable. This particular dilemma tends to set proponents of automation apart on an either or attitude to the driller’s role. As this presentation explains, the answer to this dilemma is neither simply one of two possibilities nor singly dimensioned. There is much learning from experts in automation application and from application experience in other industries that provide methods for effective solutions to defining the driller role in Drilling Systems Automation.