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John de Wardt is active across multiple industry organizations including the Society of Petroleum Engineers (SPE), the International Association of Drilling Contractors (IADC) the Operators group for Data Quality (OGDQ). He is regularly chosen as a presenter, session chair, moderator at many industry conferences around the world.

John supports Colorado School of Mines through lectures on various drilling topics and advising PhD students.

John has presented on a panel at the Geothermal Resource Council Annual Meeting.

Drilling Systems Automation

Program Manager (& co-founder) for the Drilling Systems Automation Roadmap affiliated with IADC, SPE, AUVSI, SwRI, Energistics and OPC Foundation.

First in the drilling industry report released as a 325-page document in 14 key sections with input from 50 global experts initially through a volunteer initiative and later with Joint Industry Project (JIP) financial support. Available at – an industry website managed by and hosted by DE WARDT AND COMPANY


Program Manager (founder) Drilling Systems Automation Body of Knowledge (DSABOK), a website dedicated as a portal to many sources of information on drilling systems automation. Accessed at – an industry website managed and hosted by DE WARDT AND COMPANY.


Program Chairman / Board Member / Director Emeritus, SPE Drilling Systems Automation Technical Section (DSATS)

Created the well-known DSATS Symposium format at the Annual SPE / IADC Drilling Conference and SPE ATCE. Led the development and facilitation of these events from 2010 through 2013:

  • Human Integration with Automation and Machine Intelligence – Multiple keynote speeches from outside oil and gas; Ft Worth, Texas, 2016
  • Learning from Heavy Industries Front Runners – Multiple keynote speeches from Automated Mining (Rio Tinto Mine of the Future™); Amsterdam, Netherlands, March 2013
  • Shaping the Future of Drilling – Multiple keynote speeches from outside oil and gas; San Antonio, Texas, Oct 2012
  • Advancing Automation in Well Construction by Learning from the Experience of Other Industries – Multiple keynote speeches from inside / outside oil and gas; San Diego, California, March 2012
  • Expanding Well Construction Automation into Completions Installation & Re-Entry – Panel session with debate; Denver, Colorado, Oct 2011
  • Delivering Increased and Sustainable Value through Well Construction Systems Automation – Panel session with debate; Amsterdam, The Netherlands, March 2011
  • Brainstorming the Issues to Address – Panel session with breakout groups; New Orleans, Louisiana, February 2010
Industry & Academia Activities

DE WARDT AND COMPANY, through the passionate and energetic activities of John de Wardt, participate and contribute in many industry activities that cause change in both technology and business processes. As an industry thought leader, John de Wardt contributes significantly to these activities.


Society of Petroleum Engineers ( )

Society of Petroleum Engineering activities include Chairman and committee member on 6 SPE Forums, 10 SPE workshops, 19 Annual SPE / IADC Drilling Conferences.


Distinguished Lecturer 2020 – 21 – “Drilling Systems Automation is Here – propagation, pitfalls, profits and production“.


Drilling Technical Director Advisory Committee: supporting the technical sections under the Drilling Technical Director.


IADC – Advanced Rig Technology Committee (ART) [ ]

As an Advisor, John provides significant input to the process, content and direction of key initiatives undertaken by the ART sub committees particularly in Drilling Controls. These include the major overhaul of the IADC Daily Drilling report culminating in the IADC DDRPlus™ update that added massive granularity to drilling operations reporting. Subsequently, he provides key input to the follow-on initiative developing sensor stewardship guidelines for drilling contractors and, where appropriate, service companies.


Operators Group for Data Quality [ ]

As an Advisor, John supports this group in their quest to develop process capability specifications for drilling rig tools, machines, and instruments based on the desired outcomes of operating companies. Process capability includes accuracy, precision, resolution, repeatability, reliability, safety, environmental, form factor, usability, cost, and other process needs as defined by the community.


Colorado School of Mines [ ]

Guest lecturer and Doctoral Co-Advisor to Petroleum Engineering students. Lectures include ‘Wellbore Survey Error and Directional Drilling (industry experiences)’, ‘Drilling Systems Automation and DSABOK’, ‘Drilling Data’. Doctoral thesis advice includes ‘Extending Horizontal Drilling Through Improved Torque and Drag Modeling Enabling Best Practices for Drillstring Design, Steering and Surveying Wellbores’ / ‘Automated Drilling – developing control  algorithms’  / ‘Material Characterization While Drilling On The Moon’.

  • Society of Petroleum Engineers
  • International Association of Drilling Contractors
  • Operators group for Data Quality
  • Colorado School of Mines

  • Program Manager
  • Program Chairman / Board Member
  • Advisor
  • Guest Lecturer / Doctoral Co-Advisor

Industry Support: a means to give back.

Industry support is, for the most part, a volunteer activity producing no income. As an independent consultant, this support by John de Wardt is effectively a considerable contribution. John does this as a means to ‘give back’ from the knowledge and experience he has gained over his career to support the industry and the next generation of professionals in upstream oil and Gas. Reciprocally, participation in industry initiatives keeps John current on many industry trends.

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