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General Questions

New around here ? Start With the Basics

Why should I choose you?

My depth and breadth of upstream industry experience / expertise is quite unique; I enjoy supporting company improvements. I have passion that I bring to my client support.

Can you differentiate yourself from other consultants?

Global operator, global drilling contract, global service company experience followed by 27 years across 36 countries and over 80 clients including 10 key types of upstream companies. Indeed, I offer a particular experiential view that very few other consultants have achieved.

What does it cost to hire you?

Cost is not the consideration; value is what I deliver. 25% through 100% performance improvement with cost reductions from 30 to 66%.  Your commitment determines my fees.

Will my organization adopt your advice?

Great question: yes and no. When I am called in for a very short assignment clients see huge value, but their implementation can fail unless their own personnel grasp the full understanding and have the requisite skills to carry through. “Horses for courses” as we say – quick and go yourself or deep and long with me – your choice and your outcome.

What do you know about ‘my’ business?

I know what I know.  I am transparent – I relate to all types of suppliers and the full spectrum of operators in upstream – what you see is what you get. I have great interpretation skills through broad industry involvement and continuous learning.

Why do you undertake so many non-fee-paying industry initiatives?

Give back: after 47 years developing my depth and breadth of skills and knowledge, I am willing to support non-profit and academia to enable our industry to have a cadre of professionals that are equipped to continue into the uncertain future.

Do we need a contract?

Yes, and there is a simple example that is 2-page letter of engagement I offer clients for minor support; a more major industry standard terms service contract for larger interventions.. Some major companies require their own extensive terms and conditions – I have resolved these agreements with all companies I have worked for including Shell, BP, Equinor, Schlumberger, Halliburton, ……

Where are you located – for real?

John de Wardt is a global warrior – operating throughout the world in person and using advanced conferencing tools. Based in Wisconsin, USA he has local airport access to the world. In 29 years delivering services from the USA, he has arrived on time, everywhere, across the globe.