Industry and DEWCO Media Publications


Project Name: Media in multiple formats
Client: Multiple organizations IADC, SPE JPT, …
Project Dates: Multiple

Impacts include: Industry recognition of an open minded and forward-thinking communication from a well-founded expert.

Media plays a large role in communicating views and opinions. John de Wardt has appeared in many outlets with different forms of communication.  The listed sources below represent some key topical views in video, presentation and publication format.




An extended interview with John de Wardt by V Door Locksmith’s David Gibson on John’s work in the upstream oil and gas industry from the 1980’s through his recent delivery of the first-of-a-kind high value DSA Roadmap report leading to his outlook on some critical drilling issues for the future.

V Door Locksmith Interview


Drilling Systems Automation Roadmap Workshop 2018 – an interview with John de Wardt offers insights into this important workshop:

Interview with John de Wardt on DSA Roadmap


Automation experience from the Mining Industry – an interview with John de Wardt after an exciting SPE DSATS Symposium featuring Rio Tinto and their Mine of the Future™.

Interview with John de Wardt on Mining Automation.


Interoperability in Drilling Systems Automation: Not just about data. This presentation to an SPE DSATS event enlightens on the broad aspects of interoperability.

Presentation on Interoperability by John de Wardt



True Drilling Efficiency – Lead follow or get out of the way. A critical industry presentation with 2 industry renowned co-authors layout out fallacies on performance measurement and a way forward for true gap analysis. View Presentation.


True Lies: Measuring Drilling and Completion Efficiency. Ineffective measurements of drilling efficiency abound, John de Wardt and 2 leading industry experts lay out the truth. View Presentation.


Systems Architecture and Operations States for Drilling and Completion. Earliest introduction to the industry of a concept that is gaining traction as a powerful industry tool for Drilling Systems Automation Adoption. View Presentation.


Human Systems Integration: Key Enabler for Automation Application. Introduction of advanced techniques to map human and automation roles across the acquire, assess, decide and act cycle. View Presentation.


Drilling Systems Automation Roadmap – The Means to Accelerate Adoption. The first presentation on key content from the industry DSA Roadmap. View Presentation.


Well Cost Estimation and Control – Advanced Methodologies for Effective Well Cost Management. A clear guide to integrating scheduling, risk with cost estimations through the cycle from concept to operation. View Presentation.

The Drilling Business Model: Driver or Inhibitor of Performance and Innovation. A blueprint presented by John de Wardt for improving the alignment of suppliers to operators’ goals in drilling wells. View Presentation.


The Driller in the Loop Dilemma. First industry presentation addressing future roles of the driller in a more automated world. View Presentation.


Industry Analogies for Implementation of Drilling Systems Automation & Real Time Operating Centers. A unique review of attribute matching between drilling operation remote centers and those found in Space, Aviation and Formula 1. View Presentation.



Trends Transforming Roles in Drilling. A look back, near term and future outlook for drilling contractor / service company / operator roles. View Presentation.


The challenge is for the upstream industry to tune into hearing the wisdom of leading industry figures across all sources without being swept away by the most prolific marketers.  John de Wardt offers an industry company agnostic view in his knowledge sharing.


Remain true to the profession offering only expertise that truly is based on knowledge and expertly founded opinions. Offer connectivity to domain experts across the upstream industry so clients can ascertain the truth.



On behalf of the DEA(e) Members and Steering Committee, I would like to take this opportunity to thank you for your excellent input as Technical Chairman at the DEA(e) Q2-15 meeting in Amsterdam.

The Steering Committee are aware that it is very important to get the right content for a DEA(e) meeting and to get such an expert in the field is very important. The DEA(e) very much appreciates the time and effort that you put into building an extremely interesting and inspiring agenda for this meeting. We have had a very good response to the content of this meeting which in no small part is down to you, John.

Your contribution certainly helped to make this a most successful DEA(e) meeting.

Neal Whatson, Chairman, Drilling Engineering Association (Europe) / Director, Workover and Drilling at OMV Petrom