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About John de Wardt

John de Wardt is President of DE WARDT AND COMPANY INC., a firm he founded to assist companies to increase their profitability through improving business processes. DE WARDT AND COMPANY INC. specializes in developing strategies using scenario planning techniques, applying Lean Manufacturing techniques and improving operations / project performance.

Mr. de Wardt graduated from the University of Newcastle in England with an Honors degree in Mechanical Engineering in 1976; he specialized in industrial processes and business management. During this period, he completed the Institute of Mechanical Engineers industrial experience program through a scholarship with Imperial Chemical Industries, a leading UK petrochemical company.

From 1976 to 1991 Mr. de Wardt worked in various engineering and contracts management positions for Shell International throughout the world. In 1990 he published the first in a series of papers discussing “Contracts in the 90’s”.

In 1991, he became Deputy Managing Director of Forasol / Foramer – an international drilling contractor based in Paris, France. In this position, Mr. de Wardt directed numerous successful projects applying the new business methods and practices he had developed.

In 1993, Mr. de Wardt led the Well Construction and Well Management Strategy Development Team for Halliburton and Brown & Root in Houston, USA, sponsored by the Vice Chairman. This work contributed to the integration of the two companies’ energy services organizations and deployment of a strategy that is redefining the upstream oil and gas industry.

Since 1994, Mr. de Wardt has successfully implemented his proprietary programs with exceptional results. He is a recognized expert in Lean Manufacturing, organization development and strategic planning as well as being an accomplished facilitator. He has analyzed market trends and assisted with strategy development for numerous clients throughout the upstream oil and gas business to construction contractors in the highly competitive power generation and water / waste water markets. These clients have increased their market share, revenues and profitability. He developed and facilitated proprietary workshops for many clients that have resulted in world-class results on projects around the world. Mr. de Wardt has published more than 15 leading industry articles.

In 2008, Mr. de Wardt was retained for a 3 month assignment as the Acting COO of a manufacturing facility for an international growth manufacturing business in the FSU.

John de Wardt has Lived and Worked around the World

John de Wardt has lived and worked in France, Malaysia, Netherlands, Thailand, the UK, and the USA.

He has also worked assignments in Abu Dhabi, Angola, Argentina, Austria, Canada, China, Czech Republic, Dubai, Gabon, Germany, Myanmar (Burma), Nigeria, Norway, Oman, Romania, Russia, Saudi Arabia, Singapore, Switzerland, Ukraine, Venezuela, Yemen.

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