Global Management Consultant Oil and Gas


Thomas R. Bates Jr., Managing Director, Lime Rock Partners

I have worked with John on several assignments over the past ten years, ranging from corporate strategy development to lean manufacturing to business development for a company focused on emerging markets. In each case, he provided valuable insight and concrete recommendations that we executed with positive results. His action items resulted in, among other things, the sale of […]Read More

Tony Beebe, Managing Director, Integrated Drilling Equipment

IDE retained John de Wardt’s services in late 2011 to plan and implement Lean Manufacturing in our land rig manufacturing business located in Houston, Texas, USA. The implementation involved working at all levels of the organization including senior management, project managers, foremen and shop staff. The company has realized significant gains from this implementation: 24% […]Read More

Mads Grinrod, Vice President, Drilling and Well Processes Statoil

John de Wardt and his concept of Lean Drilling™ has been used by Statoil on a number of wells with the objective to increase efficiency and reduce cost in Statoil’s drilling and well operations. The systematic approach used offers great advantages in establishing ambitious goals and defining risks in a costly offshore drilling and well operations project. Statoil has […]Read More

John U. Clarke, Chairman & CEO, Natco Group Inc

NATCO Group Inc. engaged John de Wardt for corporate wide adoption of Lean Management. John played an instrumental role in building a keen understanding of the benefits from lean functioning from the shop floor to senior management.His ability to connect with key decision makers involved in each business system is unique. We are capturing efficiencies, driving unit costs […]Read More

Larry Hibbard; Chairmen of Xact Downhole Telemetry, Board Member XtremeCoil Drilling

I have known John de Wardt since his earlier Shell days. In the recent past, I have been involved in two Oilfield Technology start-ups that have used John to help set Strategic Corporate Strategy. He worked with key people (in both cases Board Members were involved) to conduct a SWOT and GAP analysis and establish […]Read More

Randy Stilley, CEO & President, Hercules Offshore

I have known John de Wardt for a number of years, and his keen knowledge of the oil and gas industry gives him a unique insight that manifests itself in strategies and action plans that deliver real value. His recent corporate strategy development work with Hercules Offshore resulted in a set of strategic initiatives that are already beginning to deliver […]Read More

John G. Samuell Sr., President and CEO, At Balance

At Balance (A Shell Technologies Venture Fund Company) engaged John during our early start-up phase to initially lead the management team through a three day commercialization strategy workshop. John came back to review with us how far we had come, check the direction we were headed in, and refocus our efforts. John’s process and active […]Read More

Evert Jan Sibinga Mulder, COO, Addax Petroleum

John has provided tremendous insight into our corporate strategy, business planning and organization design. He brings many insights from best practices in all industries. We are an independent E&P Company involved in a major growth – and therefore change – process. One of the main values of John’s involvement in this process is the practical […]Read More

R. J. Aab, Vice President Business Processes, Smith International

Smith International utilized John’s expertise and proprietary methodology in guiding us in the development of our Drilling Optimization offering. John facilitated and worked diligently with our senior management and engineering teams over a one and a half year period in providing us with a foundation to offer a truly revolutionary concept to the industry. Through these processes […]Read More

Neal Whatson, DEA(e) Chairman / Head of Well Engineering, OMV Exploration & Production GmbH

On behalf of the DEA(e) Members and Steering Committee, I would like to take this opportunity to thank you for your excellent input as Technical Chairman at the DEA(e) Q2-15 meeting in Amsterdam. The Steering Committee are aware that it is very important to get the right content for a DEA(e) meeting and to get […]Read More