Technical Papers


Content: Industry Technical Papers
Publishing Organization: Society of Petroleum Engineers
Publishing Dates: 1980 – Present

Impacts include: Industry adoption of systematic borehole survey error model, Drilling in the Nineties business models, Levels of Automation Taxonomy and Systems Architecture for automated drilling.

Listed below are the technical publications by John de Wardt through recognized industry organizations with embedded links to the publisher of each. These are listed in reverse date order.

Automating Directional Drilling: Technology Adoption Staircase Mapping Levels of Human Interaction – SPE 191408

Improving Torque and Drag Prediction using the Advanced Spline Curves Borehole Trajectory – SPE 184611

True Lies: Measuring Drilling and Completion EfficiencySPE 178850

Systems Architecture and Operations States for Drilling and Completion: The Foundation to Real Performance Measurement and Drilling Systems Automation – SPE 178814

Human Systems Integration: Key Enabler for Improved Driller Performance and Successful Automation Application – SPE 178841

Data Ownership for Drilling Automation: Managing the Impact – SPE 178787

Advanced Trajectory Computational Model Improves Calculated Borehole Positioning and Tortuosity – SPE 178796

Drilling Systems Automation Roadmap – The Means to Accelerate Adoption – SPE 173010

Well Cost Estimation and Control – Advanced Methodologies for Effective Well Cost Management – SPE 173148

The Drilling Business Model: Driver or Inhibitor of Performance and Innovation – SPE 167933

Drilling Systems Automation: Current State, Initiatives and Potential Impact – SPE 166263

Drilling Systems Automation – Preparing for the Big Jump Forward – SPE 163422

Industry Analogies for Successful Implementation of Drilling Systems Automation and Real Time Operating Centers – SPE 163412

Well Bore Collision Avoidance and Interceptions – State of the Art – SPE 163411

Well Construction Automation – Preparing for the Big Jump – SPE 163146

Manufacturing Wells – Myth or Magic – SPE 151051

FMECA and Commissioning: Guidelines to effectively deliver technology and systems for successful Drilling Automation – SPE 140231

Drilling Systems Automation: A technology that is at a tipping point – SPE 14717

Well Delivery Process: A Proven Method to Improve Value and Performance While Reducing Costs – SPE 128716

Risk and Uncertainty Management: Best Practices and Misapplications for Cost and Schedule Estimates – SPE 97269

Deepwater Success through Predictable and Distinctive Drilling and Completion Performance – SPE 87117

Step Change Improvement in Drilling Performance, Repeatable Worldclass Performance is Possible – SPE 59203

When “No” is the Appropriate Answer to the Customer – SPE 52774

Lean Drilling – Introducing the Application of Automotive Lean Manufacturing Techniques to Well Construction – SPE 27476

Strategies and Structures for Drilling and Service ContractsSPE 23860

Drilling in the Twilight Zone – Somewhere between Dayrate and Turnkey – SPE 25742

Drilling Contracting in the NinetiesSPE 19902

Application of Small-Diameter Inertial Grade Gyroscopes Significantly Reduces Borehole Position Uncertainty – SPE 11358

Borehole Position Uncertainty – Analysis of Measuring Methods and Derivation of Systematic Error Model – SPE 9223


Maintaining a leading-edge position in upstream oil and gas requires a strong desire to develop and promulgate new ideas as well as an ability to debate in common forums. It also requires an ability to seek applications for other analogous industries rather than living in a closed world. A strong network of experts who speak up with for and against views leads to the most powerful solutions.


John maintains a leading-edge position as a thought leader in upstream oil and gas through continuously generating potential solutions to industry challenges and exhibiting the willingness to debate these solutions with his huge network of experts across the industry and outside the industry.



John has been an invaluable and long-standing committee member as part SPE/IADC Drilling Conference, that takes place annually in Europe and the US. He is diligent, leads by example, fulfills all his obligations to the best of his ability. I have thoroughly enjoyed working with John.

Katharine (Stevenson) Tinkler, Senior Event Manager