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Hercules Grew to 132 Offshore Units in 4 Years.

John de Wardt has facilitated the combined board and management strategy session each of the past three years. Through focused initiatives, the management team of Hercules Offshore has delivered superior growth from a start in mid 2004 with the acquisition of 5 rigs from Parker Drilling. In just 3 years the fleet has grown to 36 Jack Up rigs, 27 inland barges, 3 Submersible and 1 platform rig together with 65 lift boat vessels worldwide.

At Balance Partners for Super Growth

As the result of an aggressive strategic plan, technology leader At Balance (a Shell Technology Ventures Company) entered into a partnership with the established oilfield services company Smith. Immense synergy exists in this partnership and is already being utilized to develop new products and accelerate the introduction of the Managed Pressure drilling technology into the oilfield.

National Oilwell mergers are a success

John de Wardt has assisted National Oilwell on numerous occasions from 1996. These interventions have included the use of scenario planning to develop an engineering organization that was able to successfully meet the challenges of the future, the use of business modeling to align new acquisitions with the exiting organization, evaluations of project management methods for large rig projects, analysis of growth into new areas and recommendations on organization alignment to customer needs. National Oilwell’s revenues have grown from $ 85 million in 1995 to over $ 1.5 billion. During this period the company has bought and successful merged many companies as well as developed new technologies for the oilfield.

Weatherford jumps to the big league

In 1997, Weatherford International commissioned John de Wardt to undertake worldwide interviews of company personnel in all divisions and incorporate these results into his strategy development program. A six day workshop that included 110 participants developed many initiatives designed to reach the challenge made by the CEO – double revenues profitable with in 5 years. These initiatives were detailed out by teams after the workshop and summed up to show that a course could be followed to grow the company from $500 million to $ 1 billion. Simultaneously, the workshop group foresaw the significant mergers that could occur in the oil service industry that prompted Weatherford to accept a merger offer from Enterra and maintain itself in the big league. John has continued to support Weatherford in a number of strategic planning areas relating to new growth businesses: intervention services, under balanced services and expandable services.

Smith dominates a new service

Smith Bits hired John de Wardt to undertake a scenario planning session for their newly created Advanced Engineering Service. This process created a new understanding of how Smith could differentiate themselves through delivering more value to the customer. Implementation of this strategy yielded a massive growth in this new service and domination in many markets. Furthermore, Smith followed advice from John on the implementation of Lean Manufacturing techniques to further improve the profit margins of a commodity business. Smith have continued to call on John’s services for insight into the future trends in the oil industry and how they can impact the products and services.

Significant growth through strategy development.

THE INDUSTRIAL COMPANY (one of the top Industrial Construction Contractors in the US – see links under “Clients”) hired DE WARDT AND COMPANY to apply their scenario based strategy development program to their construction business. TIC’s initial 20 years of growth had reached a plateau and they were keen to find ways to achieve their next phase of growth. The strategy development program identified six key initiatives which were pursued according to the implementation plans developed by TIC’s teams and guided by John de Wardt. Each of these initiatives have achieved significant changes to their respective areas in the organization. TIC revenues doubled during the 2 years after the strategy session (from circa $500 million to over $ 1 billion) and continue an upward trend in spite of the competitive climate for both projects and resources. These initiatives crossed the breadth of the company including training, human resources, information technology, marketing, organization and international operations. TIC has placed in the top 10 contractors, in nine categories, as ranked by Engineering News Record.

Increased competitiveness in low price environment

Western Summit, a major player in the construction of water and waste-water treatment plants, relied on our scenario based strategic planning program to build a foundation from which to grow. After a period of updating their organization, systems and management techniques, their revenues started to rise and continue to do so. This company is better ready to face the significant challenges in this highly competitive industry as municipalities continue to pursue the low cost bidders while adding full services to the scope of work. These full services include operation and maintenance of the plants after construction, often on an incentive payment scheme basis.

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