Global Management Consultant Oil and Gas

Strategic Planning Services

Scenario development, business modeling and competitor analysis lead to strategy initiative implementations that deliver superior growth.

Our strategy development process creates the best opportunity for companies to excel as they grow into their future.

We encapsulate three key ingredients into a strategy session:

  • Business Delivery Model – the value you truly generate for your customers and how you compete to deliver that value,
  • Scenario Planning – what changes should you make to embrace alternative futures,
  • Strategic Initiatives – specific and actionable changes that position your company.

Why You Need a Strategic Plan

Uncertainty in the industrial environment is increasing. Customers are passing more of the effects of this uncertainty onto their suppliers by sharing it throughout the supply chain.

Studies show that many companies have neither prepared themselves for making good decisions nor are innovative enough to differentiate themselves in this type environment

We have brought together two methods used by leading companies to excel in this type of environment:

One is scenario planning – the creation and use of scenarios that describe possible, different futures that can be used to test or identify strategies.

The other is Lean Management techniques that enable companies to deliver products and services at a lower cost and with higher flexibility than their competitors. This attribute of ours was featured on Alexander Haig’s World Business Review television series.