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Lean Manufacturing Case Studies

Oilfield Rig Throughput Doubles

A program that revamped the workflow in sub assemblies and final assemblies enabled a major oilfield supplier to double the throughput of their facility. Critical elements of success were the sub division of the final assembly into suitable sub assemblies and the development of efficient work centers.

Pressure Vessel Fabrication Time Cut by 27%

A “Design to Build” process improvement program cut the manufacturing time of very large diameter heavy tar sands processing vessels by 27% with an aggressive goal to continue the reduction.

Fabrication Shop Increases Throughput 50%

A heavy engineering fabrication shop was reorganized with improved techniques that increased weld metal lay down time as well as a devoted material preparation area. The result was an immediate 50% improvement in throughput.

30% Reduction in Manhours

Land Rig Manufacturer reduces manhours by 30%, build duration by 24% with commensurate cost reduction as a result of Lean Manufacturing implementation.

Electrical Assembly Shop Cuts Work Time 22%

A shop reorganization based on work flow and the adoption of sub assembly processes resulted in improved delivery to schedule with a drop in manhours of 22%.

Regional Pressure Vessel Shop Grows Margins

A high intensity Lean Manufacturing event reorganized the work stations in a pressure vessel fabrication shop. The immediate result was the growth of margins from the low 20% to in excess of 30%.

Fabrication and Assembly Facility Flow

Facility flow analysis revealed huge throughput improvement opportunity in current facility through rearranging the start and end points of the facility flow. Capacity increase was realized without additional land acquisitions.

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