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Description of company services, testimonials and results available for download. Download Brochure

Lean Manufacturing and Drilling

True Drilling Efficiency: Lead, Follow or Get Out of the Way

This oil price crash is a major business dislocation that requires a significant improvement in drilling performance. This presentation describes true drilling efficiency and the keys to achieving breakthrough performance improvement. Download Presentation

Lean in Drilling

Newcomers to Lean methodology often lack the awareness of what Lean is and how it can be translated from manufacturing environment to drilling and completion operations. Download Article

Well Manufacturing (Factory Style Drilling)

Well Manufacturing: Myth or Magic – Presentation Slides

A shift in focus from services to deliverables and products will help the industry to apply manufacturing methods, such as Lean Manufacturing, to well construction and thereby realize significant opportunities in cost reduction and efficiency gains.
Presentation of IADC/SPE 151051 March 7 2012, San Diego. Download Presentation

Well Manufacturing: Myth or Magic – Presentation Soundtrack

Sound track from IADC / SPE San Diego Drilling Conference presentation Download Soundtrack

How to apply Manufacturing Methods to Well Construction

A shift in focus from services to deliverables and products would help the industry to apply manufacturing methods, such as Lean Manufacturing, to well construction and thereby realize significant opportunities in cost reduction and efficiency gains, John de Wardt, president of DE WARDT AND COMPANY, said in a presentation on 7 March at the 2012 IADC/SPE Drilling Conference in San Diego, Calif. “Manufacturing is about products; it is not about services,”: he said. Download Article

Introducing and Framing the Automated Well Construction Factory

The presentation provides an outlook on how the automated well construction factory can be developed and addresses a number of issues necessary to cause it to happen. Download Presentation

Business Improvement

True Lies: Measuring Drilling and Completion Efficiency

This presentation evaluates misleading performance measurements and introduces the application of a meaningful measure of drilling efficiency. The term drilling efficiency is used for a short description; the same process applies to all well operations including drilling, testing, completion, well intervention, workover and plug and abandonment operations; the well life cycle.
Presentation IADC / SPE Drilling Conference, Ft Worth, March 2016 Download Presentation

The “Other” Big Bang Theory

Presentation on the connection of wellbore surveying to subsurface modeling given at the Wellbore Positioning Technical Section Topical Luncheon at SPE ATCE: Sept 2015, Houston, TX. Download Presentation

Well Cost Estimation and Control – Advanced Methodologies for Effective Well Cost Management

Managers crave greater confidence in well construction costs, from the inception of a cost estimate for investment decisions, through cost estimation for budgeting, to cost tracking and control during well construction, and finally, for validity of performance tracking and benchmarking. This presentation describes advanced methodologies for effective well cost management and documents their benefits to decision-makers and the industry. Download Presentation

The Drilling Business Model: Driver or Inhibitor of Performance and Innovation

The drilling business model has recently become the “elephant in the room” as drilling systems automation advances seek an integrator and technology / performance enhancements seek rewards. The day rate model has been adapted many times over the life of the industry but none of these adaptions has prevailed. The conclusions in this presentation outline a blueprint for developing a business model that can drive performance and innovation throughout the supply chain. Download Presentation

Trends Transforming Roles in Drilling

Emerging trends in oil / gas production include growth of integrated project management players, outsourcing to well management companies, emergence of production enhancement contracts, differential of capabilities between independents and majors for key growth opportunities. As these trends begin to dominate the market they will cause significant changes in the operator role and their relationship to various suppliers including drilling contractors. The presentation describes these trends and their impact on the role of drilling contractors and other key players. Download Presentation

Well Delivery Process – A Proven Method to Improve Value and Performance While Reducing Costs.

The presentation provides insights to best practices for a robust well delivery process and introduces distinctions between different types of wells from Projects to Factory Drilling. Download Presentation

Real Business Growth in Todays Oilfield Environment

Understanding real value will differentiate companies, appreciate future uncertain strengthens strategic planning and Lean Manufacturing will drive value in all businesses. Download Presentation

Risk and Uncertainty Management – Best Practices and Misapplications for Cost and Schedule Estimates

Risk and uncertainty management is a powerful tool that is often inappropriately applied. This presentation highlights misunderstandings and misapplication and makes recommendations for proper implementation. Download Presentation

Drilling Systems Automation

Systems Architecture and Operations States for Drilling and Completion

This presentation describes the concept of systems architecture as applied to drilling oil and gas wells. The presentation introduces the development of a range of operational states for performance monitoring and systems automation. These guidelines, when developed in the DSA – Roadmap, will enable all parties involved in either monitoring performance or implementing systems automation to use a common framework in a coherent and effective manner.

Presentation IADC / SPE Drilling Conference, Ft Worth, March 2016 Download Presentation

Human Systems Integration: Key Enabler for Automation Application

This presentation introduces HSI to the drilling industry for support of automation and articulates Levels of Automation Taxonomy. It also highlights that significant improvement in the feedback to the driller in both manual and automation modes will be vastly beneficial to the drilling industry.

Presentation IADC / SPE Drilling Conference, Ft Worth, March 2016 Download Presentation

Drilling Systems Automation Roadmap: sensors interdependency with other challenges

Opening session presentation at SPE Sensors to Solutions workshop September 1, 2015. Description of the sensor relations ship within the Drilling Systems Automation Roadmap. Download Presentation

Drilling Systems Automation Roadmap – The Means to Accelerate Adoption

The Drilling Systems Automation Roadmap (DSA-R) initiative is a cross-industry effort launched in June 2013 to help accelerate the adoption of advancements in drilling systems automation for both onshore and offshore wells.

From the onset, the roadmap was segmented into eight key challenges, each individually defined in terms of functional description, performance targets, current status, problem statement, and development to meet the vision.

This presentation describes the launch of the DSA technology roadmap initiative, the processes being applied and key details on the status of each of the challenges. Download Presentation

Drilling Systems Automation Roadmap Update

Presentation describing an overview of the status of the DSA-R industry initiative presented at IADC ART Conference, Galveston September 16, 2014 Download Presentation

The Driller in the Loop Dilemma

This presentation explains that the answer to this dilemma is neither simply one of two possibilities nor singly dimensioned; IADC ART Conference, Galveston, September 15 2014  Download Presentation

DSA Roadmap Industry Initiative

John de Wardt is a co-founder and co-chairman of a cross industry initiative to create a technology roadmap to guide the development of drilling systems automation. This brochure explains this initiative. Download Brochure

Drilling Systems Automation Symposium; Amsterdam March 2013

John de Wardt was a primary organizer of the symposium and also served as moderator of the sessions. The key topic presented was Rio Tintos Mine of the FutureTM program. John summarizes this session in this exclusive video interview. Download

Drilling Systems Automation – Preparing for the Big Jump Forward

Automation in drilling and completion operations is coming quickly, and its rapid adoption will leave many industry players behind if they are not aware of the future it will bring. Advances in control and automation of the whole drilling and completion process will increase improvements in safety, performance, quality, reliability, consistency and interoperability. This progressive application of automation will also create shifts in skills and competencies, and transform the role of the driller, rig crew, and service specialists along the way. Advances in automation are being made on multiple fronts, and many lessons are available from its adoption in other industries and the transformation industrial automation afforded in the 1990s. Download Presentation

Drilling Systems Automation is Advancing: How Far and How Fast?

Views vary widely on the advancement of drilling systems automation, ranging from the impending application of systems operating without external control with remote monitoring to limited changes within specific applications. This presentation describes the achievements in drilling systems automation, together with barriers and drivers to further application. It concludes with scenarios describing possible futures for systems automation and autonomous operations in drilling. Download Article

Drilling Systems Automation – a technology that is at a tipping point.

Recent developments of drilling systems automation demonstrates that this technology application is at a tipping point. Knowledge of the status and imminent growth of this revolutionary application of technology is vitally important to businesses within the upstream oil and gas industry.

The presentation provides a review of recent developments in drilling systems automation and describes how this technology is expected to evolve. This information is current, known to a small group within the industry and of huge value to everyone involved in reducing drilling and completion costs. Download

FMECA and Commissioning – Presentation Slides

Failure Mode Effects and Criticality Analysis (FMECA) is a very powerful tool used in high risk businesses to deliver reliability. Commissioning is the transition process between construction and operation that is widely used in process plants – from onshore chemicals to offshore production installations. This presentation introduces these tools for the industry to utilize for the benefit of increased reliability and reduced risk. Download Presentation

FMECA and Commissioning – Presentation Soundtrack

Soundtrack from SPE / IADC presentation 2011 Download Soundtrack

Emerging Oilfield Technologies

Industry Analogies for Implementation of Drilling Systems Automation & Real Time Operating Centers

Industry analogies provide excellent insight to finding the optimum balance among manual, automatic and remote operations. They can also provide excellent insight into data displays and decision making.

It is very important to define current state and future desired state for data acquisition, processing, decision making and work flow in high performance drilling operations. Understanding the difference between these two states provides the opportunity to guide the successful implementation of Drilling Systems Automation and Real Time Operations Centers. Aviation and space flight have been offered as appropriate analogies for the future application of drilling systems automation. Formula One motor racing offers a highly competitive analogy for managing data flows combined with control systems. Download Presentation