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Well Delivery Process

A Well Delivery Process defines a set of activities along a time line to plan, execute and close out the drilling and completion of a well or series of wells. Our program integrates best practices into clients’ current processes including advanced versions of tools and techniques that create robust plans – risk and uncertainty management, technical limit focus and stretch goals, probabilistic time and cost estimating, detailed scheduling, Drill / Complete the Well on Paper. Stage gates are included that provide review points which are usually matched to a corporate Capital Value or Opportunity Realization Process. We can also include best practices from Lean Manufacturing and Lean Drilling™.

The purpose of the Well Delivery Process (WDP) is to ensure sufficient work has been undertaken in the planning phase to match the level of uncertainty and risk that can be managed in the operating (execution) phase. This level of work varies with the type of well, the experience with operating in the area and the strength of the organization.

The Well Delivery Process applies to all wells in a scalable format whereby a longer term, more detailed process is used for Exploration Wells and a simpler, shorter duration process for repeatable development wells. It covers work processes between departments, especially subsurface and drilling, and between the suppliers and the oil company, as well as between suppliers. An actively maintained Well Delivery Process provides the means to capture lessons learned and to retain knowledge within a company.

A best practice and robust Well Delivery Process is essential for high cost operations and challenging drilling environments whether exploration wells or infill drilling in depleted reservoirs to small hydrocarbon accumulations.