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Project Management

Best practices in Project Management lead to improved schedules, reduced costs and increased functionality through organizational development, the application of project systems and the management of risk and uncertainty.

Project Management Delivers Positive Outcomes

Project Management is a critical combination of skill and systems designed to plan and execute projects with predictable and positive outcomes.

Our Project Management program provides direct support to:Project Management

  • create a work breakdown structure (WBS) based on systems that are aligned to the project deliverable,
  • integrate early planning with design to construct, operate and maintain practices,
  • create project systems that support delivery of cost, schedule and functionality specifically including risk management,
  • create Project Management Plans that define how projects will be executed,
  • develop a Project Delivery Process for preictable and repeatable performance.

Project Management Has Changed

Project Management evolved from the 1940’s to the 1970’s as a discipline for managing engineering projects with respect to time, budget and specification. Today’s world of project management is much more demanding because it involves far more numerous types of projects, is applied earlier in the life cycle of these projects and now also has applications in delivering organizational change programs and strategic initiatives.

Unfortunately, the newer methods for project management are often not used or are poorly understood. The key people running projects have often not been sufficiently trained in the use of these methods before being handed the gauntlet to complete a challenging project. Those organizations that are competent in project management methods differentiate themselves through their performance and ability to profitably grow. Simply implementing best project practices in a consistent manner will lead to significant improvement in many projects of all types.

Lean Manufacturing Brings Added Value to Project Management

DE WARDT AND COMPANY has developed a proprietary process that incorporates Lean Manufacturing techniques into Project Management with significant benefits in terms of cost, schedule and functionality. The primary program is called Lean Drilling™