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Value Delivery Systems

Profitably delivering value to the customer is a critical success factor in business. Defining and improving the Value Delivery System, the end to end system that collaborates to deliver value to the customer, generates greater profitability and increased customer satisfaction. Effective Value Delivery Systems flow across departments and functional boundaries in organizations.

Understanding and aligning your Value Delivery System to your strategy and to your customer values is an imperative in today’s competitive business environment.

The Value Delivery System design program provides direct support to:Value Delivery Systems

  • identify the gap between current system performance and ultimate possible performance
  • analyze the current Value Delivery System and develop a vision of what can ultimately be designed
  • choose a team capable of designing the new Value Delivery System and implementing the changes
  • direct the team through a mapped change process that incorporates management reviews and approvals
  • apply decision making tools where choices between alternative options need to be clearly made
  • design and implement stage gates to ensure robust decision making at discrete and critical points in the system

Some of the principles for the design of Value Delivery Systems:

  • A system must be optimized as a whole and not as parts of the system.
  • To improve the output of a process, we must improve the process itself.
  • There are subsystems whose improvement will produce dramatic improvement in the performance of the whole system − the trim tab principle.
  • The source of problems people encounter is either in the design of the system (systemic failure) of which they are part or the way they react to the system.

Our program specifically addresses:

  • Safety: methods and techniques to minimize the possibility of harm to people or equipment,
  • Quality: means to achieve quality at source minimizing rework as well as quality in the final product for customer satisfaction,
  • Human Resources: recruitment and retention methodologies, competency mapping and ranking systems.

Two specific sub sets of a company’s Value Delivery System are:

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