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Analysis Expertise

Expertise from many assignments and a reference from our advanced proprietary programs provide the perfect recipe to analyze your business and discuss gaps that may exist between your current operations and their potential. This is a process that is readily adapted to your situation and your needs.

Gap Analysis

This facilitated tool enables us to support you in evaluating your current business situation (where are we?) and define your future potential situation (what do we want to be?), then determine the gap between the two which defines your actions for growth. Gap Analysis covers many aspects of a business including business direction, organization, operations delivery, business processes. This improvement process defines crucial aspects of a company’s business plan to grow. Gap analysis, by virtue of its definition, can yield a result that shows no improvement is necessary – at which point we withdraw and congratulate our clients on their own accomplishments.

Gap Analysis – Strategy

An external review of your strategic plans against what could be possible will reveal any missed potential. Our understanding of the upstream oil and gas industry combined with our experience in developing winning strategies enables us to recognize if your strategy will deliver as intended or fall short and require correction before it is too late.

Gap Analysis – Manufacturing

Improving manufacturing processes involves a combination of various best practices and methodologies. Gaps often exist not because the implementers did not do a good job but because they were unaware of the full portfolio of methodologies available to them. Our expert review truly measures your implementation against what is possible using application of the Toyota Production System as the target reference – it is recognized as the best in the world.

Gap Analysis – Drilling and Completions

Drilling and completion performance (well delivery) is well known to us. We have reviewed a huge portfolio of operations and run many analyses against industry benchmarks revealing both strengths and weaknesses in current drilling and completion practices. Our gap analysis will show you where you stand in terms of maximizing your performance (minimum well times, lowest costs and highest production rates) and what specific opportunities can be addressed for greater value.

Organization Diagnostics

Diagnostics Overview

Whether for Strategy DevelopmentLean Manufacturing or Project Delivery, our diagnostics are designed to identify areas that may need improvement in the performance of your organization. We provide a personalized service that ensures an agreed solution matches your reality.

Strategy Diagnostics

Our processes for applying leading edge tools and techniques achieve optimum growth in current and new market segments. These tools are particularly well suited to uncertain environments as are often encountered with significant shifts in new technologies, service delivery methods and business economics. This diagnosis ensures our strategic plan can succeed.

Lean Diagnostics

Our unique practices enable companies to exceed the best-in-class benchmarks set by their peers. These tools and techniques, used by many organizations that have achieved world-class performance, are applicable to most projects, to the improvement of organization performance and to strategy implementation.

Project Diagnostics

We identify projects as any one-time business activity ranging from the traditional construction application, through operations activities that ought not be treated as on-going business, to change or organizational transformation programs.

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