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Providing support to your business through instruction and coaching either onsite or remotely via video conference, e-mail, phone, and the proprietary / password protected engagement facility on our website.Consulting

Concept Generation

This process forms part of the Value Delivery System and is focused on developing concepts that will generate huge value in the design stage which cannot be realized in the development stage. The process commences with evaluation of the current state and continues to generate future options aligned to the delivery of value. These options are created from brainstorming and input from DE WARDT AND COMPANY which are then evaluated and ranked based on key parameters that include cost, value, schedule and risks.

Roadmapping Technology, Product and Industry Innovation

Roadmapping is an extremely beneficial method to develop new technologies and new products as a business and as an industry. Our program is a selective development from the best recognized practices and years of experience to bring clients and industry an adaptive method to map the future of their new development potential. This program is being used to develop an industry roadmap for Drilling Systems Automation which can change the landscape of drilling operations in both repeated well delivery such as Shale Drilling and adaptive well construction occurring in deepwater exploration drilling.

Performance Improvement Processes

On any assignment, we will selectively introduce and facilitate one of our Performance Improvement Processes. These range from After-Action reviews designed to identify lessons for future improvement, Risk and Uncertainty assessment and mitigation, to table-top exercises such as Drilling the Well on Paper.

Ongoing Coaching

Once you’ve implemented the new strategies you’ve developed, then what? With ongoing coaching available, you can take advantage of periodic reviews of operations and recommendations to keep your company on track.


Onsite presentations of key techniques, directly relevant to the coaching support provided, teach your personnel the necessary tools and skills to achieve results. These presentations typically include group exercises and reviews of examples for improved understanding and retention.

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