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Proven Proprietary Programs

Services are delivered on site through facilitated proprietary programs, that include analysis, workshops, and remote coaching that enable clients to own their actions and provide the support to implement improvements. We analyze client’s status then adapt our programs to deliver to your actual needs.

Strategic and Business Planning

Consulting Services

Experience your company achieving superior growth through strategic and business planning services.

Examine your business delivery model - the value that you truly generate for your customers, and how you compete to deliver that value, taking into account an analysis of your competitors.

Create a variety of possible scenarios, performing business modeling to determine what changes you can make to embrace the alternative futures that your company faces.

Generate detailed strategic initiatives to provide you with specific, actionable items to position your company for a successful future.

Support the implementation of your strategic plans with a business planning process that facilitates your personnel to create and deliver a near term implementation plan.

Lean Manufacturing Applied to Oil and Gas Businesses

Transform your operations into a World Class performer through Lean Manufacturing in Oil and Gas methods that simultaneously improve quality, safety, while increasing productivity.

We analyze your current situation and develop a description of your future. Then we define how to cross the gap and create a plan that incorporates your input.

Lean Manufacturing is one of the most successful methods for improving manufacturing performance, regardless of industry or product. Pioneered as the Toyota Production System, and later studied in detail by MIT, lean manufacturing eliminates waste and improves throughput.

Lean Drilling™ has enabled many clients to set the industry benchmark in drilling and completion performance across the globe onshore and offshore since 1995. This program delivers step change improvements in drilling / completion performance often in the order of 50% reduction in time and 30% reduction in well costs with commensurate improvements in quality and safety.

Manufactured Wells™ combines Lean Drilling™ and industrial manufacturing methodologies to enable repetitive well drilling / completion projects, such as shale gas and oil wells, to generate a step change improvement in schedule of well delivery on stream and reduction in costs. This program can be combined with the application of Drilling Systems Automation to deliver greater consistency in performance, reduced risk of schedule overruns and further enhancements in well costs.

Value Delivery Systems

Develop and implement a fit for purpose, scalable description of how work flows through your business from planning to customer delivery. These systems coordinate and link activities across different parts of your organization in a coherent manner paying particular attention to managing risks and delivering a quality product or service.

Well Delivery Process

Bringing you the best practices to develop your Well Delivery Process (WDP) for all types of wells – Exploration, Appraisal and Development – and creating a map your personnel can follow to ensure maximum value delivery.

Facility Delivery Process

An adjunct service to the WDP you can develop best practices to engineer, contract and deliver facility projects for oil and gas development.

Well & Field Development Concepts

Our Concept Development service leverages huge advantages available only in the early stages of a field or well development. We focus on the WDP / FDP early stage and facilitate multi-disciplinary teams to generate and evaluate conceptual alternatives. Our differentiator is not only the process but also the in-depth knowledge and experience in drilling, completion and field development that enables us to input advanced solutions into the debate.

You will improve schedules, reduce costs, increase functionality and improve quality of your product or service through process and organizational development.

Project Management

Bringing you the most modern methods in project management, from a consulting company that has made the effort and taken the time to properly understand the variety of methods, and how they can best be applied to your situation.

Operations Management

Operations Management is brought to you on site through an analysis of your current situation. We present a recommended map of tools and systems that corresponds to your work flow and then support implementation with facilitation and coaching of your personnel.

Marketing and Sales Management

Value Delivery Systems in Marketing and Sales provide the methodology and process to determine opportunities and transform them to into company growth.

Product Development

Product Development is enhanced through stage gated Value Delivery System that incorporates early risk assessment and mitigation with real customer value generation.

The development of new technologies for your products can be enhanced through the application of our Technology Roadmapping process.

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