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Concept Generation Program

Develop concepts for well construction, field development and similar oil and gas development opportunities that dramatically reduce cost of construction / operation and significantly increase production / reserves. This program enables client’s personnel to realize step change improvements in project economics that are usually not visible leading to the transformation of non-economic opportunities into defined value enhancing investments.

Concept development is a key process in capital value definition of mature and green field opportunities defining which investments should be prioritized. DE WARDT AND COMPANY has developed a program that is adapted to each opportunity realization enabling client personnel to explore the boundaries of what is possible and themselves selecting the most advantageous solution with the highest probability of success. The client’s personnel define the solution and effectively own its implementation.

Our Concept Generation Program incorporates cross functional experts in a codified program that develops new value realization based on collective input. This drives a solution that is both owned by company personnel and supported by various departments that often have different interests in their objectives.