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DE WARDT AND COMPANY was established in 1994 by John de Wardt to apply best business practices from leading industries into the upstream oil and gas business. The first phase was the development of the Lean Drilling™ program. The second phase was the development of a Strategic Planning process and the third a methodology to implement Value Delivery Systems. Working closely with clients to support them in successfully addressing their challenges has provided an exciting work environment and fantastic experience that is used in both personal skill and continuous program development.

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These leading edge services were developed from personal experience in both customer and supplier organizations and from research of world class companies in all industries. The programs are continuously upgraded through experience of application and ongoing research. They bring the best facets of Scenario based Strategic Planning, Lean Manufacturing Techniques and Operations / Project Management Methods to organizations.

Our organizational programs create new architecture with aligned business drivers that traverse all functional boundaries and customer supplier interfaces in the value chain. These programs are designed for both short-term projects with specific requirements and long-term strategic planning and business implementation. Aligning interdependent organizations through the supply chain is a challenge we enjoy addressing.

We work closely with our clients to develop ownership in the solutions. DE WARDT AND COMPANY tailors services to meet the specific needs of its clients recognizing the value of profitability and long-term relationships throughout the industry.

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