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Lean Hydrocarbon Development™

Lean Hydrocarbon Development™ is a proprietary business system re-design program applied by that significantly enhances oil and gas development performance in the upstream oil industry. Lean Hydrocarbon Development™ has delivered excellent results in terms of organization performance and project value since it was first applied in 1996. The program integrates sub-surface, wells and facilities activities into one aligned team. The program is based on a unique blend of project management methods and lean management techniques. When applied across an organization, we guide the implementation using our strategy development and implementation expertise.

We have implemented this program for clients offshore in North America, Europe and Asia. Our clients chose to implement Lean Hydrocarbon Development™ to move their performance through barriers and become the benchmark.

This program is most successful when it is applied early in a project – preferentially in the concept phase. The program is applied through the same series of steps used in World Class Projects™ in a manner that is tailored to the specific project and client requirements.

Lean Producing™, a sub set of Lean Hydrocarbon Development™, has provided excellent results in the production process from wells during the life of the field.

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