Performance Project and Lean Management Training

Some industry personnel have received excellent training while others have not been given the opportunity. Much of the training available is based on traditional project management methods that now need to be updated with the new performance management techniques available from Lean Management. We offer a practical oriented course that teaches both project management and performance management techniques, which together have led to demonstrated improvements in project performance.
These courses are available as public courses at our home office in Steamboat Springs, Colorado or in major cities (see current listing). They are also so available as in-house courses for any company, where we tailor our modules to match your requirements.

We offer training to the personnel of all client organizations � the customers who own and lead the projects and the suppliers who deliver products and services to them. Our training is focused on management and leadership in projects, including the new management techniques, and stresses those aspects that drive performance improvement. The areas we focus on are:
- understanding leadership, roles, responsibilities,
- planning and organizing a project,
- application of project system tools and lean management techniques,
- Lean Manufacturing methods and learning
We offer open courses to individuals or client tailored courses to corporate groups.
Our courses include:
- Leadership – roles / behavior / communication (language) / goals / decisions / resources.
- Organization - Work Breakdown Structure / Lean architecture / roles / responsibilities / accountabilities / RACI / behavior / values.
- Project Planning - phases and gates / risks / costs / estimating / logistics / procurement.
- Project Systems (EnvisagePro™) – logs (risks / uncertainties / decisions / Master Equipment List) / schedules / control / management of change / resource plan / succession plan.
- Lean Manufacturing methods – stretch goals / theoretical maximum performance (Technical Limit) / benchmarking / plan enhancement / plan ownership / performance monitoring / learning / after action reviews.
- Execution implementation – site management / change orders / re-planning / reporting / system application.
- Project simulation to apply the learned techniques.

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