WORLD CLASS PROJECTS™ - Project Specific Program

Lean Management Techniques are emerging as the tools and techniques applied by companies that achieve world-class performance. These tools and techniques are only recently being applied outside the manufacturing environment. John de Wardt has developed unique processes for successfully applying these tools and techniques to projects.

Project Management Methods are known and understood by many organizations however they are often poorly or inadequately applied. This program offers the understanding and implementation of Project Management Methods where these are insufficiently developed.

Lean Hydrocarbon Development™, Lean Drilling™, Lean Producing™

The overall objective of this program is for our clients to achieve a step change improvement (more than 25%) in performance of a project.
Each program is divided into phases:
· Diagnosis
We diagnose the current state of your organization and discuss and agree the most appropriate elements of the program for application to your needs.
·Pre-Planning / Project Definition
We initiate the processes required to define the project management process and initiate the tools and techniques required to achieve excellent performance.
·Delivery System Re-Design
We custom design and facilitate a workshop that enables the project participants (customer and all their suppliers) to modify their organization architecture in such a way that they are able to exceed past performance. This results in a fully owned, aligned, team-based organization with understood, effective roles and responsibilities.
In this phase we hold one on one discussions with process leaders and their teams to develop interdependencies and measurements necessary to create a responsive, fully empowered organization. We support the application of relevant systems that enable the organization to competently manage its work. We implement an enhancement program to improve the planned performance and a site ownership program to ensure the new plans are carried effectively.
We support the organization as needed and provide useful feedback on its status.
· Improvement / Learning
We assist the organization to evaluate their progress in implementing the selected tools and techniques to ensure advancement and application of continuous learning techniques. We enable the paradigm shift to be completed.

Coaching is provided as an ongoing process to support the team members in achieving their goals for transformation.
Results to-date show significant improvements in project performance in terms of project value (for example $ / Bbl NPV). Applications resulted in 40% reduction in project times and up to 30% reduction in costs. Increases in productivity from the constructed project of 20 to 100% have been achieved.

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