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Manufactured Wells ™

Manufactured Wells ™ is a unique proprietary program that combines performance driving methodologies creating a bespoke solution delivering lower cost repetitive wells, especially pad drilling land wells. The program combines:

  • Lean Manufacturing (Lean Drilling™) methods designing workflows that reduce waste and enable highly efficient operations.
  • Drilling Systems Automation application enhancing operability with reduced human input, remote control and real time analysis.

The impact of this program is magnified through the ability to significantly reduce the foot print of drilling operations (location size thus cost and visual impact), reduce emissions and associated cost from power generation systems (proven in other industrial projects), accelerate the schedule of delivering wells that produce (proven by Lean Drilling™ and measured effects of automation) leading to the opportunity to deliver shale gas and oil wells with greater efficiency, improved consistency and lower environmental impact.

This program will lead to the development of the next generation of drilling machines that will be able to operate far more autonomously than current drilling machines including control from Remote Centers and continuous program upgrades applied from Centers of Excellence. The combined workflow and technology development possible from our Manufactured Wells™ program will create the next industry step change in large volume, multiple well deliveries as occurs in shale gas and oil drilling, coal bed methane and similar projects.

John de Wardt has proven his ability to deliver step change performance improvement in both manufacturing operations and drilling / completion operations and he is the Program Manager leading the Industry Initiative in the development of the Drilling Systems Automation Roadmap. This combination of experience, expertise and knowledge is not known to exist elsewhere in the industry.